A most important battle

The first phase of Battle of Stalingrad, that was one of the key moments and turning points of the Great Patriotic War started 72 years ago - on the 17th of July. Soviet Army captured the strategic initiative, shattered Nazi forces and created good conditions for offensive return. The Battle of Stalingrad has made  a significant contribution to the outcome of the war – our Victory. Hail the Heroes!
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The BAM is on the road

The history of the Baikal–Amur Mainline (BAM)* is very complex and unique in its own way. Its construction was repeatedly paused and delayed for many years. The active phase of construction began at last in 1974, and it took tens of years’ work, 4300 kilometers of tracks and more than 2 million people’s labour. Today the BAM is 40 years old and it is awesome, that the jubilee was marked by the governmental decision to upgrade and  widen the track. Good luck, BAM!

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United nation

My friends, I would like to share joy with you. Yesterday I was in Minsk, where I took part in several festive events to commemorate freeing Belarus from the Nazi Occupation. The most important thing, is that the memories of heroism and great sacrifices, made for the sake of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, are still very vivid in the hearts and souls of Belarusian people. May be, their memories are even more vivid than those of Russians. We have got to learn from them how to strengthen People’s spirit. It is of great importance, that Belarusians treat Russia and Russians with much love and attention. It is significant that we should be aware of it, as pressure on Russia is getting only stronger every day. We, Russia and Russians, do not show ...
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