A most important battle

The first phase of Battle of Stalingrad, that was one of the key moments and turning points of the Great Patriotic War started 72 years ago - on the 17th of July. Soviet Army captured the strategic initiative, shattered Nazi forces and created good conditions for offensive return. The Battle of Stalingrad has made  a significant contribution to the outcome of the war – our Victory. Hail the Heroes!
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BRICS summit

Putin’s visit to South America, including Cuba, Nicaragua, Argentina and Brazil was followed by the BRICS summit, where strategic plans of high importance were announced. The final conclusions will be made after the end of the summit. 
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Russia’s Patron saint

One of the most revered saints of Russia is Veberable Sergius of Radonezh, the parton saint, who had played a significant role in uniting Russian territories and deducted his life to constant spiritual labour. Today, on the occasion of the birthday of the Saint Hermit  the town of Sergiev Posad is hosting a Holy Cross Procession where thousands of Orthodox pilgrims are taking part. 700 years have passed since the birth of Venerable Sergius of Radonezh, and since then he has been helping millions of people, guarded and saved people’s lives. The blessing and power of the Russian Saint is a vital source of our Might.
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