Russia’s Patron saint

24495 0 16.07.2014
One of the most revered saints of Russia is Veberable Sergius of Radonezh, the parton saint, who had played a significant role in uniting Russian territories and deducted his life to constant spiritual labour. Today, on the occasion of the birthday of the Saint Hermit  the town of Sergiev Posad is hosting a Holy Cross Procession where thousands of Orthodox pilgrims are taking part. 700 years have passed since the birth of Venerable Sergius of Radonezh, and since then he has been helping millions of people, guarded and saved people’s lives. The blessing and power of the Russian Saint is a vital source of our Might.
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Tragedy in the metro

Residents of Moscow and Russians! It is such a tragedy – to lose precious human lives just for nothing! People are to live, to love, to give birth to children, to develop and protect our Motherland. We all are mourning the deceased in this horrible catastrophe. We are to join our hands and pull ourselves together, but this trauma will not heal for a long time. 
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Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness

Family is the most important thing in one’s life. It is the basis of all our values and wishes. Understanding true value of family and respecting our cultural traditions are essential for strengthening and unity of our People. My friends, I congratulate you on the Day of Family, Love and Faithfullness! I wish peace and love to you and your relatives!
22124 0 08.07.2014

Bikers of Prince

Very different and interesting people are now neighbors at Prince. Many of them are unique in their own way. For instance, Pavel Kobyak, is a reckless traveler, writer and adventurer, he travels by motorbike and describes his adventures in books. On the 3rd of June the bikers, including Pavel, will set off to a new journey from the stylobate of Prince. At 11.00 Father Seraphim will conduct a prayer in the home church of Prince, and will consecrate the motorbikes and bless our heroes for a long road before they depart. The road will undoubtedly be long and interesting, as the bikers will set off to Norway and ...
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